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Tips for Recording Your Story

Here are a few basic tips for recording your own story.  It may also be helpful to read Tips for Recording Someone Else’s Story. Feel free to contact us with questions or for technical advice!

Picture Perfect: About Quality

We want you to make your recording in the most convenient way, but we also hope that you’ll send us the best quality video you can. Be sure you  are well-lighted and visible, and that you can be heard. It’s worth doing a few test runs just to be sure, whether you’re using your phone camera or something more elaborate. We may not be able to use videos if they are extremely poor quality, so do your best to make yours fabulous!

Keep it personal.

Keep what you say personal. This is not the place for rants, political speeches, sales pitches, or anecdotes about others. Tell YOUR story, not someone else’s.

Have a plan.

Think about what you are going to say ahead of time. Write some stuff down. A good way to start is with questions. Here are a few examples. What does being queer mean to you? What are some of the most important events in your life? How do you define community? Who do you love and why? How does being queer play into your work life? Once you’ve got the questions, you can draft short answers on paper before you actually speak to the camera. That way, you are more prepared.


Generally shared stories for this site should be anywhere from 8-10 minutes to one hour in length, with as little editing as possible (no editing is fine).

Couples are great!

Two or more people in a video is fine if you are in a relationship or have some other relevant connection to each other. Friends should each submit their own videos. If you are part of a group or team, select a few people to do longer videos about themselves and your group, rather than having each person in the group record a short one. Classmates should each record their own. Remember, your story truly IS unique and we’d like to capture each individually in all its detail.

Peace and quiet.

Make your recording at a time and place that is relatively quiet, in which you are comfortable.

Watch the time.

Put a clock or timer where you can see it as you speak to the camera. Generally speaking, videos for QOHP should be no less than 5 and no more than 60 minutes.

Bring a friend.

It’s totally okay to have a friend prompt you with questions if that makes it easier.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Do a few test runs if you need to. Don’t worry about getting it perfect the first time.


Be sure you are evenly lit. Play around with lighting before making the final video to see what works best.


The same goes for sound – do a couple of tests to be sure things sound ok. You might need to move the microphone or speak louder or softer. You might also find you need to eliminate some background noises like cars going by or conversations in the next room.

Tweets from the Project

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