07.03.14 Summer Update: David Moves to Vegas; No Changes to QOHP

07.03.14 Summer Update: David Moves to Vegas; No Changes to QOHP

By Jed Barnum

This summer is bringing a somewhat unexpected big change for one of our project staff. Co-founder David Alder has moved to Las Vegas because of his day job. In fact, he’s the one primarily responsible for moving most of the equipment from the studio in SF to the new location in Vegas. The opportunity came up rather suddenly, and it’s a huge professional growth opportunity for him, one he decided he couldn’t say no to. Details have slowly been worked out over the past few months, ironically just after QOHP launched this website after a year of hard work.

While it may seem like a step backward for the project, the move actually allows David more freedom, and will expand QOHP’s presence to include Las Vegas and likely other Western cities. The project is still based in the Bay Area and will be for the foreseeable future. David will be visiting San Francisco quite often to record stories and attend to QOHP business, and Jed remains here, holding down the fort. Once David has completed his move and has his travel schedule set, we’ll move out of transition mode and back into high gear!

In the meantime, we really need our followers and fans to share their stories with us – if you are reading this, please consider submitting your video for inclusion on the site, and please also spread the word to others! QOHP is designed to make it easy to share; crowd-sourced history is an integral part of our concept. Right now it’s hard for us to record stories ourselves as we have done in the past – we don’t have the people we need to do the work. To that end, we would like to put together a casual team of 5-6 people with the video skills to record interviews and do a minor amount of editing to prepare them to post here. If you’re interested, let us know – and you don’t even have to be in SF!

The shift toward non-profit status is still on the table and we are looking for a fiscal sponsor as we move in that direction. We also need help with financial issues and accounting, legal issues, and fundraising. We would like to be able raise funds to hire people with expertise in each of these areas, on a contract basis, to see us through 2015 at least. If you have any leads or are interested yourself, please be in touch.

It’s been an amazing few months for queer history here in the US. More states than ever before have made huge strides toward inclusion on the gay marriage and transgender rights fronts. The National Park Service has announced plans to designate national LGBTQ historical landmarks, and the federal government recently expanded benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. The Queer Oral History Project has been in our current incarnation for only a year and we’ve seen great progress. Please help us by sharing your story and spreading the word as we continue to grow even as changes happen!

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