11.12.14 New Interviews Edited!

11.12.14 New Interviews Edited!

By David Alder

Hey folks!

Wanted to let you know that I’ve gotten two interviews, both from Queer Camp 2014, processed and uploaded to our Vimeo backend. Once they’ve been reviewed by the interviewees, we’ll post them on QOHP.org as an official entry into the project’s archive.

Things are still a little clumsy with Adobe Premiere Pro but with some great tutorial videos on Youtube, Adobe professionals have made the transition from Final Cut Pro much easier.

Stay tuned as we also start to develop connections with local organizations here in Las Vegas! With some additional donations, we’ll also be able to incorporate as a non-profit. If we start that process before the end of the calendar year, we have a good shot at making all donations from 2014 retroactively tax-deductible.

Thank you for your love and likes! Keep spreading the word in your Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo communities!


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