08.07.14 Getting Settled in Las Vegas

08.07.14 Getting Settled in Las Vegas

By David Alder

On July 21st, I packed all my belongings and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to keep my day job. My company was moving regardless and I would have missed out on the raise, promotion and career track that was offered to me. The only condition was that I had to relocate to a city I knew little about and with barely a handful of acquaintances. With my narrow skill set, finding work in the Bay Area had always been unbelievably difficult—so I weighed my options and took a calculated risk to move to the deserts of Nevada to keep the job I love. Now, what of the Queer Oral History Project?

This project is so important to me. It hopefully will one day be just as important to thousands of people as they get involved and support its growth. In fact, it’s already been happening! Since May of this year we have raised $659.63 toward the purchase of a computer that will better handle the editing workflow of this project as it develops. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity, dear donors. Your votes of confidence have inspired us.

Thank you… C.J. Wittke, J. Varney, G.P. Ramirez, A. Marquez, L. Madison, J. Langton, D. Kagan, J. Hanawalt, P. Gross, L. Gordon, C. Gall, M. Freeman, D. Franklin, M. Flesher, M. Cooper and C. Birks!


“But how is this going to work with you in Vegas, David?”

You know… I have asked myself that very question for the last few months as I have prepared for this move. The project started in Salt Lake City, re-started in San Francisco, and now has expanded to include all three cities to look something like this (also bearing in mind all our East Coast supporters in Boston, where Jed and John are from):

QOHP Domain


The plan is for me to make spirited, itinerated visits to San Francisco, Salt Lake City and back to Las Vegas, with the first happening sometime in September. These transportation costs will come out of my own pocket until QOHP is properly incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. I will personally be interviewing queer folks in Vegas and the surrounding area as my schedule allows. So far, I haven’t heard locals here speak much of a “community…” but maybe we can change that through collective storytelling!

As of this weekend, I will have the lease signed on my new home in Las Vegas. There I will set up the new computer, the monitor (graciously donated by Ed Ehrgott) and get to work completing the edits of videos that have already been collected in Utah and San Francisco. These will be made available to the public over the coming weeks for you to view and share.

And yes, we definitely need your help!  We have our annual Vimeo Pro subscription coming due on September 4th, which will require another $200 in donations. We also REALLY need you to pick up a camera, find someone you want to interview—even if it’s only for 10-20 minutes—and submit your video to help us get the momentum going. Of course, QOHP is internet-based, so anyone can contribute, from anywhere!

Jed and I continue to have regular conversations about the project’s future, my participation from afar (*waves energetically*) and the vision we maintain for our community’s living history. If you have any questions, concerns, grievances or encouragement, feel free to email me.

“Once more, with feeling…”


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