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The Project Needs Your Help

Want to arrange another form of donation? Just contact us!

We have big plans in the works. These plans include incorporating as a non-profit; being able to pay our staff; renting office space; upgrading all of our equipment (video, sound, lights, and computer) to professional-level standards; hiring three consultants: a fundraiser, an accountant, and a lawyer; stipends to allow us to expand our recording and editing teams, and travel costs so we can record stories and teach workshops in other locations. Before the year is out, we hope to start raising money to reach these goals. Thanks to many of you, we raised over $2000 in 2013 to get the project started, but we remain a volunteer-run project.

Our needs now are simple. This website is up and running, and we need to raise about $700 to keep the project going for the next 6-12 months. A small donation of $10 or less from everyone who sees this page could accomplish that goal. (You can donate easily at the bottom of this page.)

Here’s a breakdown of what we need to raise to continue moving ahead. How your donation will help:

Computer: $300 (plus $300 already pledged).
David is editing video on his personal computer which is old and incredibly slow (12 hours to render 1 hour of video). A generous donor has pledged $300 toward a refurbished computer, and we’re hoping to match that amount with your donations.

Business License: $80
We have to renew our business license each year.

Web Hosting: $90 for 6 months.
If we can raise $180, that covers us for a year!

Promotion: We have some very basic promotional costs.
Social Media: $100 for 20 “boosted” posts. $5 helps each Facebook post reach 1500 more people!
Business Cards for Jed, David, and John: $50
Postcards to publicize the project: $100

If each of you can donate just a small amount, we can raise the money we need to keep going without creating a huge dent in anyone’s wallet. Of course, if you have more to give, we’d really appreciate it. And keep your eyes on us – we’re committed to helping you make history!

In-kind donations and sponsorships are also very welcome. Keep your eye on our blog for updates on upcoming fundraising efforts!