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Content Guidelines

We do have some content guidelines, mostly around community standards and legal issues. If you are looking for tips and guidelines on how to record a video for submission, go here. If you have questions about what is written below, we’d love to hear from you.

QOHP will assess each video submitted for content, and reserves the right to decline certain submissions. We anticipate that this will happen rarely.

We also reserve the right to flag certain videos with Not Safe For Work (NSFW) or a trigger warning. We’ll let you know if we need to do that to yours.

Videos should be of you or an acquaintance speaking from real-life experience. Keep it personal.

Keep it short. Definitely no more than one hour. Ideally somewhere between five and forty-five minutes.

It’s okay to include links to several segments of the same video.

You may ask that your video be removed and replaced up to three times.

The best way to update videos (example: someone going through gender transition) is to add a new video to your YouTube channel and contact us to let us know it’s there. We’ll choose whether to add it to our website or not based on the content.

“Featured Videos” are curated by QOHP staff with the goal of providing a well-rounded glimpse of a small portion of the site’s content in an accessible way. “Featured Video” status will not apply to all videos, and is not permanent for those videos we do designate as featured. Please don’t ask us to make your video “Featured”.

Personal histories only. Do not post stories about other people (obviously, recording someone telling their own story is fine). Please mention other people only insofar as they are/were part of your own experience. When doing so, be careful not to disclose personal information unless that information is widely known or the person has given their express consent. Such information includes, but is not limited to: full name, sexual orientation, gender identity, and health status.

Do not claim to be another person, post false stories about others, or otherwise knowingly provide false testimony.

Documentaries, musical content, political or religious speeches or rants, cat videos, or funny home videos will not be accepted. We are not Etsy or Ebay – sales pitches of any kind will be rejected.

You will not be paid or otherwise compensated for sharing your story on our site.

Videos of illegal actions may be rejected. Minor actions (like someone lighting a joint, or a nudist speaking naked) are probably okay. Anecdotal descriptions of minor illegal activities (such as civil disobedience or protest actions) may be allowed, but in general, descriptions of illegal activities will only  be allowed at QOHP’s discretion.

Stories openly condoning violence, racism, sexism, transphobia, or homophobia will likely not be accepted. Graphic descriptions of harm to yourself or others may be rejected, especially if not provided within a broader context of your life story. Hate speech, bullying, violence, threats, or harassment won’t be tolerated on the site (including in the comments).

This is not a pornographic or dating website. Sexual histories may be okay in some cases, but this is not a porn site; videos with extensive sexual content will be rejected, unless that content is provided in the context of the life experiences being described. The same goes for nudity.

No stories about causing sexual or physical abuse to adults or children permitted, except in very rare cases subject to QOHP staff approval. Stories by survivors welcomed.