01.27.14 How and why we label


01.27.14 How and why we label

By Jed Barnum

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None of us really like labels, but sometimes they can be useful, like when you want to search on a particular topic.

Throughout the site—for instance in our submission forms—labels are completely optional, but we have done our best to provide (hopefully with a minimum of exclusion) categories for videos that we think are useful. We’ve also created space for people to express their identities with new terms.

On the site, categories and topic keywords are offered as a way to find videos that resonate with you. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for in the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity menus, we’ve also got an index of topics videos have been tagged with. We’ve asked people to include tags (queercore, fetish, dyke, sissy, vintage, rural, urban—just a few examples) when they share a video. Those tags are added to the index automatically.

Why don’t I see an identity represented in your video filters?

If you don’t see a term in the Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation menus, it’s most likely because none of our participants have self-identified with that label. As the archive grows, those menus will expand to better reflect the diversity of our community. Help us get there by submitting your own video!

Got a suggestion? We’d love to hear it—just contact us!

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